Principles of Geology

by Dr. Geology

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[ royal geological society ]
[ you feelin' this? ]
[ we're feelin' you ]
[ haha! c'mon ]

tectonics in the hadeon were but a glint in the eye
of a sphere of molten rock from which this lithosphere's derived
but soon the meteoric bombardments began to subside
setting this nascent planet cooling on an arc toward its demise

billions of years later, and countless axial precessions
charles lyell began to ponder, his improbable landscape of habitation
is it the case that it was divined six thousand years ago?
a scientific reflection yielded a heretical 'no'

principles of geology, time and pressure
the present is the key to the past, nothing is forever
principles of geology, time and pressure
the present is the key to the past, this concludes the lecture

the uniformitarian view, as it was soon to be known
proclaimed that large changes happen slowly, and time can carve stone
such transformations require eons unknown
these undeniable truths lay dusty in library tomes

the himalyas rose through ascension and subduction
imperceptible shifts, an interminable procession
young streams move mountains to the delta's deposition
in old age leave ox bows, meander with indecision

darwin employed these ideas in a collaboration, cross-discipline
on the HMS beagle he read lyell's first volume with diligence
abundance of time was the key to species and their origin
from concepts of mutation and selection emerged new discipline

[ chorus ]

[ andy loved geology, it appealed to his meticulous nature ]
[ brooks hadlyn knew it, knew it all to well ]


released August 24, 2013



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Dr. Geology Somerville, Massachusetts

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